Create your own Heart Print

Heart Print is documenting your personal life.

It is your personal history, stories, thoughts captured in a book, letter or video. It can be any memory or thought you want to remember or share with someone. And like a fingerprint every heart print is unique!

It can take many forms – a mother wanting to document the birth of a new baby, did you just come back from a trip and want to capture the details, write your child a letter for their wedding day, leave your children a history of your life – something for them to always remember! These are just a few ideas.

It can be difficult to find the right words or pick and edit the right photos, find the time to learn software, fiddle with it to get things just right and be able to piece together a story at the same time. It takes time and patience.

Your Heart Print makes it easy for you to enjoy your memories now!

Visit: for more details


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